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Capoeira Munich UNICAR - Neuhausen

The Academy in the Lachnerstr. 38, 80639 Munich

The academy of Capoeira Munich UNICAR in the Lachnerstr. 38, 80639 Munich, led by the Brazilian Saguin. Mestre Saguin lived for 25 years here in Munich and has popularized the Capoeira Regional here in Munich and around. In class, students learn the instrument not only the movements and rituals of Capoeira, but also to play the accompanying instruments berimbau (bow-shaped, one-stringed rhythm and Toninstrument) Atabak (drum) and pandeiro (Tamborin), as well as traditional Brazilian Capoeiralieder.

Classes are held weekly (training schedule) in the rooms in the Lachnerstr. 38 and in the GYM rooms in Neuhausen.

In the "Capoeira Academia UNICAR Munich" Capoeira Regional is taught. The school has a 200 square meter gym, hardwood floor, mirrored wall, window (fresh air), separate changing rooms (with toilets and showers) and a bar.