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Capoeira Shows

Brasilien dance art get close to the action!

Engage the Capoeira group UNICAR Munich for your occasion. No matter what types of events you plan, enchant your audience with a "live" Capoeira show. Capoeira is a martial dance developed by the Afro-Brazilian slaves in their resistance. Acrobatics mixed in attack and defense with dance and playful elements. The game follows the rhythm of traditional live music of the capoeiristas. Inspire your viewers with the energy, the acrobatics, the game of capoeira.

Our students also booked for project in advertising, such as Professional advertising films.

Please get in contact with us: 
Mestre Saguin (Judival Santos de Brito Filho) 
Academia Capoeira UNICAR München 
UNICAR - União Internacional de Capoeira Regional® 
Gabrielenstr. 9 (Neuhausen) 
80636 München 
Tel: +49 (89) 88904385