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Social project Beiru

A Social Project of UNICAR München

Beiru - a typical quarter in the metropolis of Salvador da Bahia in the poor northeast of Brazil. Beiru has to offer a lot of things which are typical for Brazil: Capoeira and Candomble, the cultural inheritance of afro-brazil slaves. Nature is available abundantly. They are many festivals on the street or in the Terreiro Candomblé - the place of cultural sites of afro-brazil religion - where the drums are beaten for hours and in their white robes the "Filhas dos santos" dance. Beiru is a residential district of Salvador that offers a lot of things:

Even for the poor people of this country, crime and lack of prospects. Because Beiru is one of those districts where no tourist is usually loses. One of these areas, the government has long forgotten. Robbery, drugs, prostitution, these are the typical perspectives of children of Beiru. Many of them have experienced violence at an early stage. Experience violence by street life, or experience violence of their own parents, who once were victims of poverty.

Many people in Beiru still try to help themselves. With projects, the ways out of the vicious circle of poverty, drugs and crime show. All these projects - whether computer courses, art programs, or Capoeira - have a common goal: they want to show the children a world in which there is also hope and future.

The "Projeto Regional Beiru" allows children from socially disadvantaged families free Capoeira lessons and beyond the membership of a group, in sports, joy of life and cultural identity plays the biggest role.

How can I help?

Enabled by the Projeto Regional Beiru, three young capoeiristas from Beiru visited Germany and Austria to get to know another culture and perspective.

The future of Projeto Regional Beiru depends on your support. 4 euros a month is already inadequate, so that a child can participate at a Capoeira Class. This assistance does anyone hurt. It is called for each only as much work once set up a standing order to 4 euros monthly donations to the account.

We are happy about any other amount or help! For each additional euro goes into new objectives of the Projeto Regional Beiru: Capoeira cloth, tools, drinks and food for the children after class, a music system and more.

Act now, we thank you!

BLZ: 700 100 80
Kt-Nr.: 267 642 805


Before you go to one of the trainings you should first call the instructors so that they are informed that you are coming. Either you take a bus to the district Beiru or you share a taxi with someone. Please note that you should go there early enough becourse there is a lot of traffic. Maybe you can be pick up by the instructors at a special place, so you will surely find the training place.

Contact to the Instructors (on site): 
Graduado Girafa 
Mobile: 071 92374390 
Mobile: 071 81876628 
Aluno Boneco 
Mobile: 071 8223-5035

Contact to the President 
Mestre Saguin 
Tel: +49 (89) 88904385 
Mobile: +49 (177) 3735040 

Trainings Schedule, Colegio Zumbi

Monday and Wendsday from 18:00 to 19:30 a clock. 
On Monday the training is with Girafa and on Wendsday with Boneco.

Training schedule, Helena Maganhaes

Tuesdays and Thursdays from 5:40 p.m. to 6:50 p.m. and Saturday from 02:00 p.m. to 05:00 p.m. Address is the public school Helena Maganhaes in locate in the Rua Lafaete. The Rua Lafaete is on the right side of the Rua Beiru. The Instructors are Boneco and Girafa. There are Rodas on Friday in the Public school Helena Maganhaes, too.